Nvidia CEO Talks About ETH's Move to POS and the Future of Mining

Nvidia CEO J. Huang gave an extensive interview to VentureBeat. In particular, he stated that the company will most likely be able to meet the demand of miners for GPUs thanks to the new CMP line.

The head praised the potential of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, calling it full-fledged, established and trustworthy. He also added:

“Am I excited about proof of stake? The answer’s yes. I believe that the demand for Ethereum has reached such a high level that it would be nice for either somebody to come up with an ASIC that does it, or for there to be another method. It works well. A lot of people rely on it to participate in decentralized finance and other things.”

Huang was asked if Nvidia plans to further limit the mining potential of its graphics cards. In general, the head of the company confirmed this intention:

“We want to control and protect the GeForce supply for gamers. Meanwhile, we created CMP for the crypto community.”

Thus, a gradual decrease in the cost of gaming video cards of the 2000th and 3000th series should begin. They can be made available again. At the same time, Huang did not specify whether there will be two versions of the product (with a limited and full hash rate) or only one.

The director also brought the mining topic up:

“I believe — crypto mining will not go away. I believe that cryptocurrency is here to stay. Hopefully, we can serve the crypto miners with CMP.”

According to the results of the last quarter, the launch of CMP video cards brought the company $ 150 million in revenue. At the moment, the expected amount of profit is estimated at $ 400 million.

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