The Longest-running Manga ‘Golgo 13’ Will Dedicate a New Issue to Crypto

World’s longest-running manga-style comic book series, Golgo 13, is going to focus on cryptocurrency and the adventures associated with it. Details are yet unknown, other than the title, "Final Currency – Attack and Defense."

"Golgo 13" has been a sales driver for Big Comic magazine since its debut in October 1968. The series' protagonist is a professional hitman who is the master of a sniper rifle.

A huge number of imitations, video games, action movies, etc. have been produced based on Golgo 13. It is the oldest manga series still in production. It's second only to One Piece in terms of sales, with over 300 million copies sold.

Cryptocurrency manga fighters have already been released in Japan in the past year. Previously, the legendary warrior used digital assets to defeat corporations. At the same time, blockchain and cryptocurrency stories with different plots came out. Some even linked the emergence of bitcoin and comic books.

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