The Spiritus Electric Car Is Already Mining to the Utmost LIVE - Video

Canadian car manufacturer Daymak has released a prototype of its unique electric cryptocurrency car-miner Spiritus. The "Iron Horse" is already mining digital assets on PoS and PoW while broadcasting the process live on YouTube.

BTC, ETH, DOGE and other cryptocurrencies are being mined in test mode. Spiritus has a built-in graphics processor that is activated when charging the electric car in the parking lot. The mining reward goes to the Nebula Wallet.

According to the broadcast, its hashrate is 185-195 MH/s. The power consumption is stable at 490 W. Daily profitability is 12-15 USD (as of 01.07.2021).

The mining technology will be patented and then Daymak-Nebula will be able to sell it to other automakers.

Payback period of the project

The mining mobile will go on sale in 2023, so it is difficult to predict its return on investment. However, if the electric car began to be sold today at a fixed price of 18`495 USD, it would have paid off in 88 months (more than 7.3 years). The calculation assumes free electricity, current digital currency rates, and at least 12 hours of recharging every day.

In the first two months of pre-orders, the company raised $ 350 million. Payment, by the way, is accepted in cryptocurrency as well.

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