Invested $20 and Became a Trillionaire - The Case of Christopher Williamson

Christopher Williamson, a medical student from Georgia (USA), experienced incredible emotions in one short morning. One morning, he saw that the “twenty” he had invested in a little-known cryptocurrency turned into 1,339,780,268,545.39 USD overnight.

The guy invested in an almost unfamiliar digital asset Rocket Bunny (BUNNY). Its market value at its peak was 0.00000000007 USD, so no one even dreamed of super-profit. Williamson' was very surprised when he found himself a millionaire in the morning. The exchange rate has grown 65 billion times.

“I laid my phone back down - I thought I was dreaming. Then I realized I wasn’t dreaming, so I picked my phone back up, took another look at it, and actually fell out of my bed”

Surely, the first thing Chris tried to do was to withdraw at least part of the funds. He was using the Coinbase app, but it kept showing errors. Technical support soon contacted him and said that they are investigating the situation to find "an acceptable solution."

For several days, the amount was still displayed in the wallet. At the same time, his girlfriend and his pal did not face anything like this, although they invested in BUNNY at about the same time. Of course, Williamson understands that he will never see this money in his life, but he wonders how it happened and how it will end. He even promised Coinbase employees to organize a penguin-shaped yacht party if he gets any of the funds.

The first thing Chris would do is buy a home for his sister. In addition to caring for his family, Christofer would also donate money to medical clinics, in which he takes care of patients and helps them in recovery. He has been doing this for the past 12 years.

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