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BiXBiT Immersion Container (Single-Loop Cooling)
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  • Image of BiXBiT Rack
    Image of BiXBiT Rack
    Image of BiXBiT Rack

The optimal solution for regions with moderate climates where temperatures do not exceed +30°C. The simplicity of the single-loop system ensures stable cooling of mining equipment, maintaining optimal operating conditions. This version of BiXBiT container is an efficient solution for immersion cooling, adapted to the climate characteristics of each location.

Best cost
per ASIC slot
proven components
Reliability and
durability in suitable
climatic conditions
Optional smart
heat utilization
Quick installation
and startup
Remote monitoring
and control of each ASIC
Custom firmware for
Antminer and Whatsminer
with partner dev fee
  • Capacity
    192 ASIC S19/S21 (Antminer) or 240 ASIC M50/M60 (Whatsminer)
    384 ASIC S19/S21 (Antminer) or 480 ASIC M50/M60 (Whatsminer)
  • Liquid temperature at bath inlet
  • Liquid temperature at bath outlet:
  • Thermal power
    1 MW
  • Electrical supply
    3 phases, 400-415 V
  • Baths for ASIC: 8 pcs. (20ft) and 16 pcs. (40ft)
  • Hydraulic circuitry for baths
  • Main electrical panel
  • Automation and control panel
  • Smart PDU
  • Ventilation/air conditioning system
  • Lighting

Features of a Single-Loop
Immersion Cooling System by BiXBiT

Our company always strives to offer customers the most efficient cooling options, taking into account the climate characteristics of each region. As an alternative to the highly efficient dual-loop immersion cooling system, we also offer customers a single-loop system. In both cases, cooling remains the main task, but subsequent cooling stages differ depending on the chosen system. This alternative single-loop container version differs in that cooling occurs within a single medium. Using pumps in a closed-loop cooling system, the dielectric liquid removes the heat generated by the miners from the bath, directing it to an external cooling module, then returns back to the immersion bath already cooled. For locations with long hot periods or a constant hot climate, we recommend choosing our main dual-loop cooling system solution, as it is more efficient in these conditions.

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