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BiXBiT firmware for ASIC Whatsminer M2x series

Alternative firmware for Whatsminer M2x series is designed for all M20, M21 models and allows you to overclock ASIC up to 90 Th/s depending on the configuration.

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Differences and fee

  • Removes factory restrictions on PSU, voltage and chip frequencies.
  • Allows to overclock up to 10% on three boards and up to 40% on two.
  • Developer fee – 2.8%.
Installation guide

Installation manual

  • Check the version of your control board (for M2x these are H3, H6, H6oscontrol boards)
  • From the official MicroBT website, download the utility for reverting your equipment to the service firmware: H3 , H6 or H6os
  • Prepare the ASIC for flashing from the SD card. The detailed process is shown in the video below:

  • Once the firmware is installed, open the ASIC's web panel and go to the Configuration>Miner Configuration>Overclock. The configuration settings of your ASIC are located here.

    This section also has the Immersion Cooling option, which has to be checked if you immerse the ASIC into liquid. If there are errors related to the PSU cooler, it is required to flash the PSU using the function in the firmware: Configuration>Miner Configuration>PSU Firmware>Upgrade PSU Firmware.
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