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Firmware for ASIC WhatsMiner M2X series

The Whatsminer M20s immersion firmware from BiXBiT increases the performance of the miner up to ~90Th/s. Compatible with Whatsminer M20s and M21s models. Along with overclocking, this version offers a user-friendly interface and plenty of useful settings and functions.

Installation guide
  • Hotel fee
  • Frequency
  • Downvolting
  • Proxy server
  • Easy installation
    via WhatsminerTool
  • Immersion
  • Up-to-date
    device support
  • Overclocking
    with two
    hash boards
  • PSU flashing
  • Affiliate
  • Technical support
  • Remote
    (coming soon)
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More on benefits

Firmware unlocks the limits for power supply, frequency and chip voltages. Mining speed on devices with three hash boards rises up to +10%, while with two hash boards – up to +40% with the same stock power supplies. The frequency boosting interface is integrated into the standard web panel of the device. DevFee (commission) is 2%

Installation guide