This is your equipment
The infrastructural solution by BiXBiT eliminates operational problems and improves its performance by 20-40%. Take a 3D tour of the container

Immersion cooling equipment

  • Energy
  • Hashrate
  • Extending
    equipment lifespan
  • Heat
  • Suitable for all types of
    devices (ASIC, GPU, FPGA)
Savings start here
By dismantling stock fans we reduce costs on electricity and hardware. Noise level = 0dB
  • Up to 5% savings on
  • Noise-free
BiXBiT Cell
A mining device is placed in a compact hermetic cell made of stainless material. The lid protects the equipment from moisture and dust intrusion. The heat from the equipment can be reused for house heating and other needs or simply utilized.
  • Holds up to
    6 ASIC / 24 GPU / 24 FPGA
  • +40%
  • Free of dust
    and debris
  • Optional heat
BiXBiT Coolant
Cooling is performed by the use of a dielectric immersion liquid "Coolant", which extends the lifespan of the equipment by 2 times. Its composition is flame-retardant and doesn't react with any of the miners' components.
  • Certified
  • Eco-friendly
  • Thermostable
  • PUE coefficient
    is 1.03
BiXBiT Rack
The vertical design saves space and allows you to gradually scale up your computing capacities. The ease of access to the equipment is ensured. You also don't need to organize air preparation systems.
  • Easy
  • Scalability
  • Savings on
    conditioning system
BiXBiT Container
The complex of miners based on standard ISO containers intended for industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining in places with excessive, free or cheap electricity. Remote control of the miners is supported.
  • Autonomous
  • Control and
    monitoring system
  • Mobile
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