BiXBiT COOLANT for mining equipment | ASIC liquid cooling
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  • BiXBiT Сoolant
    BiXBiT Сoolant
  • BiXBiT Сoolant
    BiXBiT Сoolant
    BiXBiT Сoolant

Сontent of the immersion liquid does not contain water and paraffin, selective solvents and mechanical impurities. It is compatible with insulating materials, electronic components and has a perfect content for immersion cooling system. Such approach prevents equipment depreciation and saves its original appearance.

Volume of liquid:
available upon request
available upon request
available upon request
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Volume
  • Dielectricity
  • Flash point in open crucible
  • Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, mm2/s
  • Density at 15°C, kg/m3
  • Breakdown voltage
  • Low-molecular content mg KOH/g
  • loss-angle tangent at 90°C
  • Freezing point
  • Life time
    3 years

Advantages of the Immersive liquid COOLANT

Increases ASIC and GPU performance used for mining cryptocurrencies by 20-40% depending on the tasks set and the state of mining equipment;

Eliminates noise. Fans, which are the main source of noise, are removed before immersing the equipment.

Saves electricity due to the elimination of fans. For example, for 1 000 GPUs at 6W, the savings would be over 3 700 kWh per month. For 200 ASICs at 70W, the savings would be 10 000 kWh per month.

All components of the equipment are cooled evenly, there are no overheated parts;

The thermal conductivity of the COOLANT liquid is 4.5 times higher than thermal conductivity of air;

The volume of coolant per kg is 1000-1500 times lesser than needed volume of air;

Immersive cooling prevents dust accumulation, which can lead to equipment overheating. Also, dust is prone to accumulate static electricity, which in the long run can lead to equipment failure. Moreover, there is no need in cleaning devices, which eliminates downtime;

There is no such problem as noise, due to eliminating coolers before immersion;

The COOLANT liquid doesn’t affect the equipment components and significantly reduces risks of the equipment failure;

Immersion cooling eliminates such consumable products as filters and coolers

COOLANT is non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for people and animals;

You can clean your equipment by immersing it in an ultrasonic bath.

available upon request
available upon request
available upon request
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