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BiXBiT firmware for ASIC Whatsminer M5x series

Alternative firmware for Whatsminer M5x series is designed for all models and allows you to overclock ASIC up depending on the configuration.

Installation guide
  • Hotel fee
  • Frequency
  • Downvolting
  • Proxy server
  • Easy installation
    via WhatsminerTool
  • Immersion
  • Up-to-date
    device support
  • Overclocking
    with two
    hash boards
  • PSU flashing
  • Affiliate
  • Technical support
  • Remote
    (coming soon)
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Differences and fee

  • Removes factory restrictions on PSU, voltage and chip frequencies.
  • Allows to increase the power up to 10% on three boards and up to 40% on two.
  • Developer fee – 2.8%.
Installation guide