BiXBiT firmware for ASIC Whatsminer M3x ( M30, M30S,M30S+, M30S++, M31, M31S, M31S+, M31S++, M32, M32S, M32S+, M32S++)

Alternative firmware for Whatsminer M3x series is designed for all M30, M31 and M32 models and allows you to overclock ASIC up to 130 Th/s depending on the configuration.

  • AsicBoost
  • Overclocking
    up to 130 Th/s
  • DevFee is
    just 2.8%

Differences and fee

  • Removes factory restrictions on PSU, voltage and chip frequencies.
  • Allows to increase the power up to 10% on three boards and up to 40% on two.
  • Developer fee – 2.8%.

Installation manual


Before proceeding with the installation, double check that your control board version is H6os and the chip version is 1920, 1930 or 1950.

  • Download official tool, from the MicroBT website that allows you to restore your equipment to the factory settings.

  • Prepare the ASIC for installation from the SD card. The detailed process is shown in the video below:

  • Download the BiXBiT Firmware for WhatsMiner m3x. To install, use WhatsMinerTools.

  • After a complete installation and receiving a notification that the device is ready to work, go to the Configuration> Miner Configuration> Overclock tab. Here you’ll be able to configure your ASIC.

    Also in this section there is an Immersion Cooling option. If, after you have launched the miner, in the immersion cooling system errors occur (associated with the power supply), you’ll need to install the appropriate firmware additionally. Again, using WhatsMinerTools.