ASIC Custom Firmware
BiXBiT Edition

Our ASIC firmwares increase their performance and energy efficiency, as well as allows them to work in an immersion cooling environment with fans dismantled. By registering in BiXBiT AMS (Automated Monitoring System), you will be able to see statuses of all your miners and receive notifications on important events.

Choose Your ASIC Model

ASIC firmware optimizes the performance of the miners' chips, improving their hashrate by 20-40%. DevFee is ranging from 1.8% to 2.8% of the total hashrate, which varies by device model. On this page you can download alternative BiXBiT firmwares for various ASICs, find detailed instructions and get answers to the most common questions.

DevFee 2.8%
WhatsMiner Series m2x
version 1.3.7
DevFee 2.8%
WhatsMiner Series m3x
version 1.3.7
DevFee 2.8%
WhatsMiner Series m5x
version 1.3.7
DevFee 2.8%
WhatsMiner Add_PSU Series m2x
version 1.3.7
DevFee 2.8%
WhatsMiner Add_PSU Series m3x
version 1.3.7
DevFee 2.8%
WhatsMiner Add_PSU Series m5x
version 1.3.7
WhatsPower p21
version 260621
WhatsPower p21D
version 260621
WhatsPower p221c
version 210222
WhatsPower p222b
version 180222
WhatsPower p222c
version 090821

Three Easy Steps

Boost your profitability of Bitcoin and Altcoins mining with just a few minutes!

  • Download
    Use CTRL+F to search or manually find your ASIC model on this page and click "download". The zip-file with the firmware image will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Make sure your ASIC model corresponds with the downloaded version.
  • Install
    Follow the instructions given in the user manual of your specific miner version and flash your device. During the flashing process, you'll need to perform a bunch of simple tasks: set some parameters, passwords, IP-addresses, etc.
  • Register
    After registration in BiXBiT AMS (Automated Monitoring System) you will get access to your personal account, where you will find a lot of useful tools and settings, which will help you in further work with your mining farm.

Features and Benefits

  • Automation
    The automatic update and tuning provided by the ASIC custom firmware saves user's time by eliminating the need of repetitive procedures.
  • Profitability Control
    Depending on the situation, you can switch between modes of maximum energy efficiency and ultimate performance.
  • Overclocking
    The firmware ensures proper overclocking of each individual chip! Combined with the immersion type of cooling, you can achieve really great hashrate numbers for your miners.
  • Asic Boost
    This technology allows miners to lower energy consumption while maintaining their efficiency on the SHA-256 algorithm. Power consumption decreases by ~10-20%.
  • Security
    Alarm for the user on unauthorized changes of the pool. Strong 2FA authentication and SSH access control.
  • Immersion cooling
    The microprogram is compatible with the most efficient type of device cooling, allowing ASICs to run fanless without resorting to bypasses.
  • Statistical Data
    Your personal BiXBiT AMS account helps you keep track of various things during the miners' work for later analysis over a period of time.
  • Notifications
    Flexible notifications and events configuration: hashrate drop, overheating, pool change, etc.
  • Equipment Safety
    The software stops the mining process if critical temperatures are reached on particular mining units or if there is a problem with the fans.


  • Is using a custom ASIC firmware from BiXBiT free?
    Our software for Antminer, Whatsminer is distributed for free. Please keep in mind that custom firmware includes Developers Fee, which is a reward for developers. Usually it is 1.8%-2.8% of the miner’s total hashrate which is automatically deducted during the work of the device.
  • Why the ASIC does not start after selecting a profile?
    If you mean the very first run after flashing the device, it sometimes takes up to an hour for the inbuilt algorithm to finish configuring your ASIC.
  • How to bypass the “Cannot Find Signature” message during the flashing process of the ASIC?
    Read our user manual for your specific miner version, it describes actions to eliminate this error, when it occurs.
  • Does the ASIC lose its warranty from the manufacturer when used with a custom firmware?
    There is no definite answer. To avoid warranty issues, please use the firmware from the manufacturer.
  • Is it risky to use the custom firmware for ASIC from BiXBiT?
    Absolutely not. All firmware revisions are thoroughly tested before each release. Moreover, all BiXBiT capacities have been running on these firmwares for many years.
  • Is BiXBiT AMS compatible with microprograms from other developers?
    No. Our automated monitoring system is only compatible with our software.
  • Is it possible to revert the ASIC back to its original settings after using a custom firmware?
    Yes, just bring back the official firmware in the usual way.
  • What level of knowledge is required to flash a miner?
    We have specially made instructions for every version of the miner. Everything is described in a simple and clear way, so even a beginner can handle it. Besides, you are always backed with our team of technicians who are always in touch and willing to help.

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