BiXBiT Cell

An excellent choice for customers looking for a compact and practical entry-level solution - a ready-made home mining farm with smart heat management capabilities. Made of durable and non-corrosive material. The density of the equipment is 2-3 times higher compared to air-cooled units.

  • 872 mm Length
  • 730 mm Width
  • 475 mm Height
 Image of BiXBiT Cell

BiXBiT Rack

Suitable for deployment in small facilities, increasing the profitability of small and medium-sized businesses and its diversification, reducing the cost of hot water (heating) in private residences. Made under patented space-saving vertical technology and doesn't require complicated and expensive air-filtering and conditioning systems.

  • 871 mm Length
  • 871 mm Width
  • 2500 mm Height
Image of BiXBiT Rack

BiXBiT Container

The container is used for launching mining hotels and large infrastructure projects on immersion cooling near excess and renewable energy sources (nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, wind turbines and solar panels). We modify standard shipping containers for better mobility. Compatible with both new and used mining equipment.

Image of BiXBiT Container

Immersion liquid COOLANT

The process of cooling the mining equipment is performed with a special liquid composition — a dielectric flame retardant coolant. It is suitable for cooling any GPU/FPGA/ASIC in large projects and home crypto farms.

Details Immersion liquid COOLANT

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Custom configuration for specific equipment is possible for orders with capacities over 500 kW.
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