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Immersion cooling systems for mining farms


BiXBiT offers ISO containers based on modular infrastructure for mining farms of any scale. Mining racks are placed into standard 10, 20, 40-foot ISO-containers, which is unified throughout the world as the most convenient solution for logistics purposes. Containers can be 10, 20 and 40 feet in size and is purposed to maintain blockchain-projects of any complexity, as well as creating new computing cluster. It can be transported to any place where there is a power supply and access to the Internet. BiXBiT solution based on ISO container provides heat utilization system, which allows to use the generated heat for domestic and industrial purposes. You can buy a fully-equipped container with mining equipment or just use it as an infrastructure for your equipment.



Vertical design of the rack allows to accommodate 4 cells with the total capacity of 96 GPUs or 24 ASICs. The rack construction contains at least 2 times more equipment units than it would be possible with a horizontal layout. A fully-equipped rack occupies the territory of about 1 m3 with a total capacity of 15-60 kW. The rack is available to order in both fully-equipped or basic complectation.

  • 626мм Length
  • 750мм Width
  • 2050мм Height


BiXBiT cell is a hermetically sealed box with a lid, made of a durable, temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant material. One cell can contain up to 3 rigs with 24 or 6 ASICs.

  • 750мм Length
  • 440мм Width
  • 380мм Height

Immersion liquid COOLANT

BiXBiT installations are provided with a specially developed immersive liquid COOLANT, which meets all the requirements of a proper immersive fluent. It is designed to cool equipment of both home and industrial scales. COOLANT was tested in work with video cards (GPU) and ASIC of all main types

Details Immersion liquid COOLANT

Custom configuration

Due to the modularity of the design, any custom solution is possible.
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