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Firmware for ASIC antminer S17+ from BiXBiT

The firmware from BiXBiT is developed for the ASIC antminer S17+ model and allows to overclock the miner up to 110 Th/s. Supports AsicBoost technology, works on immersion and air cooling.

  • AsicBoost
  • Overclocking
    up to 110 Th/s
  • DevFee is
    just 2.8%
  • Embedded
  • Automatic
    frequency tuning

Features and DevFee

  • Allows adjusting the frequency and voltage of the chips.
  • Increases the performance of Antminer S17 + up to 40% without the need to change or buy a power supply.
  • Has a built-in antivirus.
  • Developer commission – only 2.8%.

Installation manual


Check the date of the installed firmware on the miner page, in the System>Overview>File System Version tab.

  • If the firmware was released before December 2019 (inclusive), go to the step 1 of this manual.
  • If the installed firmware date is January 2020 or later, go to the steps 2-3.
  • Firmware version – December 2019 or earlier:

    Download the UNLOCK SSH file, then unzip it.

    Using notepad or another editor, make changes to the **settings.cfg** file:

    Change the IPNETWORK value to your current IP-address. For example, if the IP-address of your device is 190.175.100.*, you should write IPNETWORK=190.175.100;

    Use the IPSTART and IPEND parameters to adjust the search range. For example, if your device has a range from to, then you need to write: IPSTART=5 IPEND=35;

    In the ASICWEBPASS parameter you must enter the password that is relevant for your Antminer web interface. That is ASICWEBPASS=your_password. If you didn't set a password, the default value is root;

    For SSH ASICSSHPASS also enter the password in the format SSH ASICSSHPASS=your_password. If you didn’t set this parameter, the default is admin;

    Save the edited file.

    To scan the network and unlock SSH, run the 1.unlock_ssh.bat script. The process may take 2-5 minutes.

    Use the 2.replace.bat script to complete the SSH unlock process.

    Download and install BiXBiT firmware for S17+.

  • Installed firmware version is January 2020 (or later):

    Download image for the S17+ version.

    Format your SD card with the FAT32.

    Unzip the files and then transfer them to the SD card.

    Repeating the steps from the video below, prepare the ASIC for firmware installation:

    Download the BiXBiT firmware for S17+ and move to step 3.

  • Installing BiXBiT Firmware for Bitmain S17+:

    On the tab System>Upgrade, click Browse and navigate to the previously downloaded firmware file.

    Select the firmware file then click Flash image.

    There will be appeared informing message that the AntMiner S17+ firmware can be updated. Then the update will be started.

    When the firmware is updated, a message about successful installation will be appeared.

    Press Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to reset the page cache.