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Firmware for ASIC Antminer T17+

The Antminer T17+ firmware developed by BiXBiT increases the mining performance of this model by 30%. Software compatibility with both air and liquid cooling. The device's energy efficiency is optimized without losing hashrate through the AsicBoost technology.

  • Onboard
  • Performance
    up to 75 Th/s
  • 2.8% fee
  • Anti-virus
  • Frequency
    auto tuning

Additional information

Autotune of both frequency and voltage for each chip allows overclocking up to 75Th/s, improving the overall speed of the mining farm by ~30%. Such performance is possible even with standard power supply units. Optimized power consumption contributes to cost savings. Includes built-in protection from overheating, viruses and malware. Developer's Fee for this firmware is 2.8%.