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Firmware for ASIC antminer T9+ from BiXBiT

The firmware from BiXBiT is designed for the ASIC antminer T9+ model. Allows to overclock the miner up to 15 Th/s. Uses the AsicBoost algorithm, thanks to which it is possible to optimize the computing process of miners running on BM1387 chips.

  • AsicBoost
  • Overclocking
    up to 15 Th/s
  • DevFee is
    just 1.8%
  • Embedded
  • Automatic
    frequency tuning

Features and DevFee

  • Reduces power consumption by 200W with ASIC Boost technology.
  • Improves the miner performance.
  • Has a built-in antivirus.
  • Allows to overclock and tune each chip separately, so that you can get the maximum speed. ASIC hash boards have a feature: if there is even one problem chip in a row, the efficiency of other chips is reduced. The firmware fixes this issue.
  • Developer commission – only 1.8%.

VoskCoin recommend this firmware as the best combination of profitability and security of use.

Installation manual


Check the date of the installed firmware on the miner page, in the System>Overview>File System Version tab.

  • If the date of the installed firmware is June 2019 or earlier, go to the step 1 of this manual.
  • If the firmware was released after July 2019, proceed directly to the steps 2-3.
  • Installed firmware version is June 2019 or earlier:

    Download firmware for T9+

    Download and extract unlocker.zip

    Copy the previously downloaded firmware to the extracted folder.

    Run unlocker.exe.

    Enter n.

    Enter the IP address of your ASIC and press ENTER, then enter the password and press ENTER again.

    When the message Configuration ok? appears, type y and press ENTER.

    When the Success message pops up, close the window. The firmware is installed.

    If the message False res appears, go to Step 2.

  • Installed firmware version is July 2019 or later:

    Download the archive containing the image for T9+.

    Format your SD card with the FAT32.

    Extract the files from the archive and transfer to the SD card.

    Using the video below, prepare the ASIC for installation:

    Download firmware for T9+ and move to step 3.

  • Installing BiXBiT firmware for Bitmain T9+

    Go to the System>Upgrade tab, click Browse and navigate to the upgrade file.

    Select the firmware file, click Flash image.

    After a notification appears that the AntMiner T9+ firmware can be updated, the process will be started automatically.

    To end the process, flush the page cache by holding down the Ctrl+F5 key combination.