• Onboard
  • Performance
    up to 160 Th/s
  • 2.8% fee
  • Anti-virus
  • Frequency
    auto tuning

Additional information

The BiXBiT firmware is able to automatically adjust frequency and voltage of each chip individually, based on its specific properties. Such approach allows to safely and steadily overclock the performance of these models by additional 60%. The ultimate mining speed can be achieved by customizing power supply units (see the instructions below for more details).

Custom firmware is superior to the original one in terms of performance and power efficiency. It offers more flexibility in configuration of the ASIC’s operational process. It basically makes the device adapt to the specific conditions and needs in order to maximize its potential for the money. Surely the differences of chips, power supplies and cooling types also matter, but the biggest factor in the performance of the Antminer remains firmware.