• AsicBoost
  • Overclocking
    up to 160 Th/s
  • DevFee is
    just 2.8%
  • Embedded
  • Automatic
    frequency tuning

Installation manual


For S19j and S19j Pro models. Before installing the firmware, find out the type of miner board. For normal installation the device must have a XILINIX or BEAGLE BONE board models.

  • If miners running on XILINX boards, the SD-card slot is located on the rear panel.
  • If the equipment has a BEAGLE BONE board installed, the SD-card slot is located directly on the board. The ETHERNET port is on the opposite side.

The supported memory capacity of the SD-card is up to 16 GB.

  • Preparing SD-card for an update

    Download the firmware that matches the model and board type of your miner.

    Unzip the archive containing the firmware image.

    To write the image to the SD-card, download and install the Balenaetcher program.

    Select the file containing the firmware image using the command “Flash from file”.

    Select the desired SD-card from the list with the command “Select Target”.

    Click “Flash!” to start recording.

  • Firmware installation

    Disconnect the power cables. Insert an SD-card into the miner.

    Plug in the power cables and wait for the hardware to boot up. The IP address of the device will be the same.

    **The SD-card must be always mounted.** Otherwise, the ASIC will run not on the updated, but on the factory firmware.

    To enter the password from the miner, click "Unblock".

    To set up the equipment, go to the Mining section.

  • PSU modification

    Required if you want to reach more than 4800 W. To do this, after PSU modification, go to the advanced settings and activate the "Modified PSU" option.

    Link on PSU APW12 soldering instruction