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Firmware for ASIC Whatsminer M5x series with additional power supply

Custom firmware firmware for Whatsminer M5x series is designed for all models with an additional power supply, which allows you to overclock devices by 50% more.

Installation guide


  • Overclocking devices by changing frequency, voltage and consumption settings
  • Possibility to use an additional power supply and increase performance by 50%.
  • Possibility to use in immersion cooling mode
Installation guide

Installation manual

  • Download firmware BiXBiT_Add PSU for M5x series
    Use WhatsMinerTool for the installation

    If the firmware can not be installed via WhatsMinerTool, you need to flash the ASIC via the SD card, as shown in the video.
  • Connect an additional power supply to the ASIC. The detailed process is shown in the video below:

  • Once the firmware is installed, open the ASIC's web panel and go to the Configuration>Miner Configuration>Overclock. The configuration settings of your ASIC are located here.

    This section also has the Immersion Cooling option, which has to be checked if you immerse the ASIC into liquid. If there are errors related to the PSU cooler, it is required to flash the PSU using the function in the firmware: Configuration>Miner Configuration>PSU Firmware>Upgrade PSU Firmware.
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