Firmware Update Log for Whatsminer

Added option to update from factory firmware 20230208.18 via WhatsminerTool.
Fixed potential 100003 error occurrence.
Added "Farms" section in AMS - allowing to create space from a group of devices, with display of performance and temperature map of devices, possibility to manage and get statistics by groups.
Optional: The module supports connection of BiXBiT containers, which will allow you to monitor the performance of cooling equipment.
Read more about AMS:

Improved stability of non-BTC coin mining.
Improved work stability with NiceHash pool.

Improved stability of the firmware.

Fixed bug with incorrect identification of Overclock parameters.

Fixed bug with ‘Install’ button on the AMS tab.

Added AMS paragraph to the ASIC main menu.
Added 'Board Temp Target' to the overclocking parameters.
Added '2 Boards mode' for air cooling.

The commission for M2x devices has been reduced to 2%.
Added ability to monitor power supply temperature in AMS, its fan speed, ambient temperature, main fans speed and device errors.
Fixed incorrect display of 'Active Pool' in WhatsminerTool.

Added 'Download Logs' button to export ASIC logs from the web interface.

Fixed saving parameters in 'Overclock' when liquid cooling is enabled.

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