Popular ERC-20 Compatible Wallets


The cryptocurrency industry has a standard called ERC20, as well as a number of tokens that are associated with it. This is a set of rules according to which smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain are developed. The introduction of this standard allowed to simplify the procedure of creating new cryptocurrencies, as well as their transfer and storage. Developers have eliminated the need to run a separate blockchain, which is an undeniable advantage. 

Popular currencies with the ERC-20 standard include the following:

  • UNI;
  • AXS;
  • LINK;
  • AAVE;
  • APE;
  • USDT.

These tokens are used in various crypto projects as an internal currency, as well as performing a number of other functions. They are held on specialized services designed to retain and conduct transactions.

This article is for informational and introductory purposes only. We do not urge readers to invest their personal funds in risky assets, but only describe existing opportunities.

Wallet selection criteria

When you need to choose a wallet that is compatible with ERC20, you can do so based on the recommended criteria. These include certain points such as:

  • Backup capability;
  • Compatibility with various devices;
  • Ease of use;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Private key control feature. 

There are many important criteria, but the most important one is the level of safety and security. The safety of money, especially when storing it for a long time or handling large sums of money, is a priority. 

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Top 5 popular wallets

You can choose a wallet for ERC20 tokens from the top popular and reliable services for holding digital currencies. The best options that provide the necessary level of protection and support for ERC20 tokens include the following:

  • Metamask;
  • Trust Wallet;
  • MyEtherWallet;
  • Exodus;
  • Trezor.

We'll explore these choices in more detail below.


Quite an easy-to-use wallet that is quite popular. Much of it is due to the fact that it works as an extension for the browser, which increases its usability. Of course, most users choose it not only because of its simplicity of use, but also due to its hack proof capability.

Trust Wallet

This service offers a mobile wallet version and is also very popular. It is characterized by a high degree of protection and several levels of security. More than thirty thousand different ERC20-compatible tokens can be stored and used for transactions without restrictions.


This is one of the most popular services, which runs in the web format for more than 7 years. It provides the possibility of hardware storage of cryptocurrency using a special device of their own design. Most often this platform is used for frequent transactions of small amounts. It provides the necessary protection against third-party interference.


This is the desktop version of the wallet, which means it needs to be installed on your computer, but it doesn't take up much space because it is synchronized with the blockchain instead of downloading it. The service has been running for more than 6 years and continues to develop, introducing new features and improving usability. Most often Exodus is chosen by newcomers because it has a simple interface that you can quickly get used to from scratch.


This option involves the use of hardware drives in the form of USB devices. However, unlike many competitors, these devices are quite inexpensive. They also provide the highest level of cryptocurrency security. This is possible through the use of a PIN code, passphrase, and other degrees of protection. One of the key features is that the device is equipped with a display for more convenience.


We discussed what an ERC20 wallet is and reviewed some of the best services for holding digital currency based on this standard. For small amounts and small transactions you can use any wallets with the Ethereum network support. Most importantly, you need to understand how to get an ERC20 wallet address to get your funds to the right place.

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