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What is BiXBiT Bug Bounty?

Our goal

BiXBiT is building a complete mining ecosystem, with top-notch mining firmwares, immersive cooling equipment, and now also an automated monitoring system, or AMS.

The goal of the bug bounty is to test the AMS and make sure that it meets the needs of the mining market and users.

target Your role
Try the monitoring system and submit a detailed review.
Наша цель Our role
We will generously reward you for your effort.
Each season of the bug bounty campaign will feature great prizes for the most active participants.
Season 1 rewards
Season 1 rewards
 Branded <br> BiXBiT ASIC
Up to
250 USDT
Up to</br>250 USDT

What will you be testing?

BiXBiT Dev produces custom ASIC firmware that can increase hashrate by up to 40% or reduce electricity consumption.
Test the AMS (monitoring system), which tracks the status of your miners and notifies you of hashrate drops, temperature spikes, etc.
Evaluate the custom firmware itself, including the added profitability and energy savings

How to get the reward

Register at BiXBiT
Download and install a firmware
Run and test the firmware and AMS
Submit a review
Earn extra points completing side quests
Partner program
Send your referral link to other miners and earn +2 points whenever one of them registers in BiXBiT AMS, plus +5 points for every Bug Bounty review submitted by your referrals. It’s the easiest way to rise through the leaderboard.
Partner program
Join the BiXBiT Dev partner program and maximize your Bug Bounty rewards.
Скачал прошивку, установил. Все круто работает. Добавил AMS на компьютер и телефон для удаленного контроля, в плане информативности и управления тоже все на уровне.С разгоном скажу честно пока проблемы, стою в показателях завода, чуть меньше, думаю проблемы в сети. Будем решать. Скакать по прошивкам пока не планирую, нужно все досконально изучить, после чего только буду принимать решение по переносу мощностей на данную прошивку и AMS управления. Один асик пока точно будет стоять в этой теме обновляться, расти изменятся а там время покажет....
First of all, thank you BiXBit for making the first bug bounty for miners! And for the great prizes. I installed firmware to overclock a Whatsminer m5x. It’s officially working! The dev fee is maybe a little bit high, but it’s still a good deal. My hashrate is up by maybe 20%. The interface for the monitoring system is very well done. It’s really easy to see what’s going on with each ASIC even when you are out and about. For example, I found out that I had hashrate problems (went up and down) because of the internet connection, and I changed the provider. Don’t be afraid of installing a BixBit firmware. It’s easy to set up and safe. With this market you really need overclocking!
Johny O.
Been mining with an Antminer T17 or a year but it’s the first time that I tried a custom firmware. Exceeds expectations! It didn’t quite give me +30% to the hashrate as the website says, but maybe +23%. In terms of profitability, the increase easily covered the dev fee. For the AMS: also definitely a useful thing to have. I had one hashrate drop while I was away, so with the system I could see that it was happening and fix it asap. I can imagine that it makes a huge difference if there’s an electricity issue, temperature spike etc. Overall, I recommend BiXBiT AMS and firmwares – it’s worth it 100%.
I've been using bixbit firmware for a few weeks, and a problem I've seen during this time on cgi-miner's page, in the pool section of the DevFee, when I notice the DevFee's address is dead and the accepted value is zero and the rejected value increases regularly
  • Who is the Bug Bounty for?
    The bug bounty campaign is for everyone who mines cryptocurrency using any of ASICs supported by BiXBiT, including Bitmain, Whatsminer, and Whatspower. It’s virtually the first real bug bounty for BTC miners, so don’t miss this opportunity.
  • What does the AMS do?
    The automated monitoring system tracks the current status of each ASIC in your rig and notifies you of any important events: critical temperature, hashrate drops, technical errors, and other hardware indicators.
  • How long will Season 1 run?
    Bug Bounty Season 1 will start on 09.01.2023 and end on 09.02.2023 (note that the schedule is subject to changes). We will announce and reward the winners within a week after the completion of Season 1.
  • Is the Bug Bounty free to join?
    Yes, except for the small dev fee associated with running a BiXBiT custom firmware. The standard fee is 2.8%, but we have reduced it to 1.4% for the bug bounty participants as an additional benefit.
  • Can custom firmware increase mining profitability?
    Definitely. BiXBiT’s firmware allows you to overclock your ASICs to improve the hashrate by 20-40%, or to operate in reduced power consumption mode. It’s especially powerful when used together with the immersion cooling solutions by BiXBiT.
  • Can I participate without an ASIC/custom firmware?
    Running a BiXBiT firmware on an ASIC is a fundamental condition of the campaign, because without it you simply won’t be able to test the automated monitoring system. This also allows us to make sure that only real crypto miners take part — as opposed to many other bug bounties, which are plagued by bounty hunters.
  • How do I get to the top of the leaderboard?
    First of all, test the AMS thoroughly and write a detailed review. Describe any bugs, UI/UX issues, or anything else that you did or didn’t like in the firmware or monitoring system. On top of this, try to complete as many side challenges as you can — and don’t forget to invite other miners you know.
  • What is a BiXBiT-branded ASIC?
    The grand prize is a Whatsminer M50S+, exclusively BiXBiT-branded. Nobody else will have an ASIC like that.