BiXBiT participates in a large FPGA mining project in Sweden

BiXBiT company will participate in the project of Netherlands developers from Hodler Enterprises. They are currently in search of free space in Sweden to host mining equipment based on FPGA boards. The goal was to find a country with cryptocurrency-friendly environment, low electricity costs and low entry barrier. The founders decided to transfer the company to Sweden, where the price of electricity currently equals $ 0.05 per kWh with substantial discounts in case of using innovative technologies. Payments to all project participants will be paid with Ethereum and Neblio.

Hodler Mining and Hodler Energy are two interconnected projects with a common purpose. Developers initially were focused on GPU mining, but then decided to choose FPGA, as a more powerful, energy-efficient and adaptive equipment. As part of Hodler Mining, a project of environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining will be implemented by the help of installations based on immersion cooling. Hodler Energy in its turn is an “advanced” version, thanks to which installation owners (B2B, B2C) will be able to heat residential buildings, production facilities and other infrastructure due to the generated heat from miners.

Initially the project provision has been made for the use of immersion cooling. For a long time, they couldn’t find a suitable supplier of scalable, reliable and ready-made installations in the European Union, until they stumbled across BiXBiT. The official move to the northern country is scheduled for February. The equipment will be ordered from January 26 to February 7, 2019.

How BiXBiT was chosen:

  • Only our company, practically the only one in the whole of Europe, is able to implement projects of such scale and dual-use of working installations (mining and smart heat utilization);
  • We have our own software -  GeliOS, which is constantly being improved to work with a large array of equipment;
  • Our immersion liquid fits European standards and guarantees fire safety at the facility;
  • Through the use of eco-friendly installations for data centers, the Hodler Enterprises project will receive a 95% discount on electricity;
  • Savings on cooling organization is up to 45%;
  • Problems with noise and dust are solved by almost 100%.
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