HODL Ranch becomes the US representative of BiXBiT, the immersion cooling market leader

BiXBiT, as one of the world leaders in the market of immersion cooling systems for computing equipment, opens a representative office in North America. Product supply will be carried out through HODL Ranch.

BiXBiT is engaged in development, production and sale of complex infrastructure solutions for immersion cooling of computing equipment, such as GPUs, CPUs, FPGAs, ASICs, and servers with high heat dissipation and efficiency needs. BIXBIT products have the following distinctive features:

  • full immersion and preservation in dielectric coolant of any type of computing equipment;

  • eco-friendly immersion liquid:safe for humans, the environment and electronics;

  • the ability to reuse the heat generated by computing equipment in full or partial amount for purposes of heating, breeding heat-loving plants / animals and industrial plants;

  • simplification of the equipment cooling system, dismantling of fans, air conditioners, air filtration systems, which reduces costs;

  • a combination of convective heat transfer and forced circulation for cooling the upper layer of the coolant in the internal circuit;

  • 100% elimination of noise and dust;

  • equipment lifespan increases by up to 2x;

  • scalability from the smallest self sufficient Cell unit to a rack or container based solution. The vertical design allows to accommodate equipment up to 4 times denser than in similar air-cooled farms. Up to 60 kW of power per 10 sq. ft.;

  • steel construction of cells and racks, which provides durability and improves fire safety;

  • deployment of infrastructure based on a 10, 20 or 40-foot container grants mobility; 

  • up to 40% overclocking threshold for both mining and computational processes;

  • reduced operating costs of working equipment, reduced time for maintenance, e.g. cleaning and repair activities;

  • safety and reliability of all elements and installation itself are ensured by a variety of sensors and AMS (autonomous control and monitoring system).

BiXBiT has been a leader  in the immersion cooling industry since 2017. During this time, our engineering and product teams have perfected a completely turnkey solution for cryptocurrency miners that provides unprecedented efficiencies with unparalleled price-to-performance characteristics.


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