Summer’s Hottest Crypto Events in 2022

Despite the fact that summer months are traditionally considered a lull in the cryptocurrency market, this year event organizers decided to hold a bunch of seminars and conferences just this summer. We've compiled a list of cryptocurrency events you shouldn't miss.


The first summer month is going to be a hot one for crypto events. Conferences, seminars and summits will take place almost everywhere: from Europe to Asia, America and Canada. Most of the events will focus on blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies. So here are some of the places to go if you want to get a big dose of information about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the NFT:

June 2-3, Singapore — Blockchain Fest 2022

June 2-3, Poland — World Blockchain Summit

June 6-9, Canada — AIBC Americas

June 7-9, The Netherlands — Money 2020

June 20-23, USA — NFT NYC

June 26-28, Spain — European Blockchain Convention 2022


July 4-5, Singapore — Blockchain in Singapore

July 12-15, Singapore — World Blockchain Summit

July 16-17, France — Metaverse Summit

July 19-21, France — Ethereum Community Conference 5


August 9-10, Canada — Blockchain Futurist Conference

August 22-25, Serbia — AİBC Balkans

August 27-28, USA — DeFi Security Summit

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