Beware! NuMiner Has Released the World’s Most Powerful ASIC

NuMiner, a company no one knew existed until 2022, announced the release of its flagship NM440 ASIC. It is described as "the most powerful and environmentally friendly miner”.

The specifications claimed are impressive. Performance exceeds 440 TH/s with energy efficiency of 20.2 J/TH. Hashrate is at least 2.2 times higher than the top-of-the-line Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd, and about 4 times higher than most older models.

Also, the manufacturer offers an intriguing statement. Considering the fact that the power consumption of the new ASIC is 75% less compared to its competitors, the Bitcoin network would consume not 121 TW*h but 30 TW*h if everyone would mine on it.

Of course, the profitability of this ASIC, if it actually existed, would be absolutely phenomenal. Nearly 180 USD per day on SHA-256 algorithm, while competitors like M30S++, S19j Pro, A1246 would barely make it to 80 USD.

Unfortunately, all we have so far is a website created within the last month, a LinkedIn profile with headquarters in New York City, and three Twitter posts published within February 3.

There's also an incredibly beautiful render showing an astonishing green liquid, either plasma or refrigerant, running through the tubes of the ASIC. Some reports also say that a major miner Sphere 3D has supposedly claimed their intention of buying 60,000 units of this model for a total of $ 1.7 billion. That is, each device came to about $28,000 USD. The hashrate of Sphere 3D in this case would have grown to 26.4 Eh/s, which would exceed 15% of the total computing power of the Bitcoin network.

It is also reported that the new device is designed in collaboration with TSMC, Foxconn and Xilinx. The first shipment will consist of 12 pre-production NM440s. Tests will last until June 2022, with a further delivery schedule of 1,000 ASICs expected by the end of June. After that, 10,000 units will be shipped each month from September to February 2023. 

Advance payments will reach $429 million, with $400 million in stock and $29 million in cash. NuMiner Global Chairman E. Melman will also join the Sphere 3D board of directors.

You draw your own conclusions about the credibility of what is going on.

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