Experts Say Semiconductor Shortage for ASICs Will Remain in 2022

The chip production volumes and changes in the delivery schedule that occurred during the pandemic continue to affect electronics companies. This applies to ASICs manufacturers as well.

The GPU chip shortage is likely to continue next year. Expert S. Troshin notes that connecting a large number of devices increases the hash rate of the network and increases the complexity of mining. Now the hash rate is slowing down due to the fact that fewer and fewer new devices are being added to the network.

The price of ASIC, according to the expert, is formed on the basis of the payback period of 12 months, not including the cost of electricity. According to other data, manufacturers charge $100-120 USD for 1 TH of electricity provided by the equipment. For comparison, the payback period for video cards is 18 months.

GPU manufacturers tacitly take into account the possibility of mining on their devices and also put it in the price, although gamers, let us say, do not use video cards for this purpose.

Also, experts believe that there is a shortage of energy-efficient and more powerful computing equipment on the market.

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