BiXBiT attended the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Minsk

We are happy to announce the results of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference participation, which were held in Minsk, the capital of crypto-friendly Belarus. Though, one day wasn’t enough to cover the entire list of well-known problems, we shed light on the basics.

The conference program involved the issues of crypto business legalization, law-making aspects, cryptocurrencies development and ICO holding prospects.

At least two dozen speakers answered the most pressing questions for all miners and investors, such as: ASIC and GPU mining profit in numbers, market manipulations before the blockchain appeared in public sector and the use of generated heat from mining equipment for residential and industrial premises warming.

We always demonstrate our installations and this event wasn’t exceptional! The majority of visitors learned about immersion cooling and the possibility of smart heat utilization for the first time. After all the public speakings no one expected to see working sample live. We pointed the visitors’ attention to our installation scalability, which can be expanded proportionally to the owner's wealth.

The main concerns expressed by potential customers regarding our product were about the general concepts, the principle of operation, its price and payback period through the example of a BiXBiT cell. Answers to this kind of questions, by the way, can be found on our website, here: on top of the possibility of actual ordering. During the communication, we answered to all possible questions and eliminated crowd’s shapeless assumptions. Our solution is specially great for Belarusian market, since there are no legislative barriers in this country.

The possibility of our product integration into heating systems gained the most vivid interest. Under the conditions of a cold climate and poor economy, it is definitely a win-win solution. As long as the installation used with existing or brand new mining equipment, customers can enjoy continuous warming during the cold/dump period or, if not necessary, surplus of heat can be released into the environment through the attached cooling tower.

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