BiXBiT went to WDEF-2018 in Moscow

On August 4, the Digital Economic Forum devoted to blockchain, cryptocurrency and related technologies was held on the “Disk” campus in Moscow School of Management in Skolkovo. Many representatives of different projects were invited to participate, including us.

The main goal of the event was to develop a complete blockchain infrastructure in Russia. Among the participants were global experts and advisors, owners and employees of cryptocurrency exchanges, investment funds managers, industry whales, manufacturers of mining equipment, economists, lawyers, technology parks and start-ups organizers.

Essentially, discussions were about economic and legal issues, as well as ways of speeding up cryptocurrencies legalization in the Russian Federation. The draft law is undergoing final revision and will soon streamline the legal status of digital assets. Our modular scalable installation within the event program matched the “Industrial Mining” tendency. It allows to deploy the infrastructure of any scale in any selected location with access to electricity and Internet with no sweat.

Event participants were interested in the payback period of ours infrastructure. It depends on a number of factors, such as cryptocurrency and electricity rates. In the long run, we offer smart heat utilization, minimum of required personnel and consumables for regular replacements, capital construction, engineering ventilation systems, etc. Our offer looked very impressive among the competitors.

Our ICO-based installation in full configuration can accommodate hundreds of computing equipment units - ASIC/GPU/FPGA etc. The possibility of a quick relocation, depending on legislation or electricity rates, also sounded stunning.

WDEF highlighted the most important moments of FinTech and cryptocurrency industry. All participants agreed that the issue of legalizing blockchains in Russia probably will be resolved soon. This will have a positive influence on investments in general and improve startups economics.

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