Full Review of MicroBT WhatsMiner M50, M50S and M53 ASICs - Features, Profit, Payback

The revolutionary ASIC MicroBT WhatsMiner M50S, M50 and M53 were presented at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, USA on April 6, 2022. This happened during Industry Day. The devices have a high hashrate, while also being energy efficient. Whatsminer M53, in addition, uses liquid cooling.

The M50 and M50S are designed in the traditional MicroBT manner with an elongated case and power supplies located on top. Cooling is provided by two powerful fans.

The M53 ASIC looks like a flat box with a minimum of necessary outputs. All devices are based on Samsung 5 nm chips. They are about 15% more efficient than the previous M30 series.

Full Review of MicroBT WhatsMiner M50, M50S and M53 ASICs - Features, Profit, Payback

The new miners have attracted users' attention first and foremost with their technical performance. It is promised to produce and ship 30,000 units per month.

Specifications of Whatsminer M50S

Whatsminer M50S has the following claimed characteristics, which may differ slightly from the real ones, especially in terms of hashrate and power consumption. The first value, typically, is slightly lower, while the second is slightly higher:

Hashrate —  126 Th/s;

Power consumption — 3 276 W;

Energy efficiency — 26 J/TH;

Availability date —  Q3 2022.

whatsminer m50s

Profitability of Whatsminer M50S

Taking as a starting point the specifications announced by the manufacturer, the complexity of the Bitcoin network as of 04.06.2022, the exchange rate of BTC = 45,000 USD and the cost of electricity = 0.04 USD per 1 kWh, we can assume the profit the new M50S ASIC will bring:

- 22 USD per day;

- 660 per month;

- 7,920 per year.

microbt whatsminer m50s

Payback of Whatsminer M50S

The retail price of the new ASIC has been stated approximately so far and is 10,924 USD excluding logistics costs and delivery to each specific region. The payback period is 1.4 years with declared characteristics of the miner, which makes it possible to reach a net profit before the next bitcoin halving.

Specifications of Whatsminer M50

The M50 Whatsminer specs are slightly lower than the S-version. They are also likely to be slightly different from the real thing, but for now this is what the manufacturer has stated:

Hashrate - 114 Th/s;

Power consumption - 3 306 W;

Energy efficiency - 29 J/TH.

Availability date - Q3 2022.

Profitability of Whatsminer M50

Let's take for calculation the same Bitcoin network complexity as on 06.04.2022, exchange rate value of BTC = 45 000 USD and electricity cost 0,04 USD per 1 kWh. In this case M50 will make the following profit:

- 20 USD per day;

- 600 per month;

- 7,200 per year.

Payback of Whatsminer M50

The retail price of this ASIC has not been announced yet, but on official dealers' websites it is 8,857 USD without taking into account the logistics costs and delivery to each specific region. So, it turns out that with the declared characteristics the payback period of the miner is 1.23 years. Depending on the availability date, it is possible to reach payback before bitcoin halving and continue mining with profits.

Specifications of Whatsminer M53

The M53 Whatsminer is, without a doubt, the most interesting in terms of appearance and power figures. Water cooling demonstrates its advantages and allows using chips with much higher efficiency, which is shown in the specifications of the device. The temperature of the water at the outlet is 60 degrees Celsius:

Hashrate - 226 Th/s;

Power consumption - 6,554 W;

Energy efficiency - 29 J/TH;

Availability date - Q3 2022.

microbt whatsminer m53

Profitability of Whatsminer M53

Again let's take for calculation the Bitcoin network complexity as of 06.04.2022, the exchange rate of BTC = 45 000 USD and the cost of electricity 0,04 USD per 1 kWh. In this case M53 will bring the following profit:

- 40 USD per day;

- 1 200 per month;

- 14,400 per year.

whatsminer m53s

Payback of Whatsminer M53

Considering that this ASIC will be the most powerful in the line, its cost will probably not be lower than 15,000 USD excluding logistics costs and delivery to each particular region. Thus, with the stated specifications, the payback period of the miner is slightly over a year.

review microbt whatsminer m53

The WhatsMiner M50 series has the most advanced heat dissipation architecture ever used in the WhatsMiner series. This allows the system to operate at higher performance for longer periods of time, which means that MicroBT has found a way to keep it in service much longer than its competitors. Recall that the WhatsMiner M20 series had an average repair rate of 2.59% and the WhatsMiner M30 series only 1.66%.

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