BiXBiT Announces Acquisition of CryptoFarm - Now We Have “All in One”

In the wake of its rising, BiXBiT has recently merged with CryptoFarm — online seller of GPU farms, ASIC miners and components for mining equipment. The company is also a provider of a full-cycle service and mobile mining centers based on ISO containers.

Now we are able to supply both ready-made solutions based on immersion or air cooling as well as stand-alone ASIC, GPU, ASIC, motherboards, power supply units, processors, solid-state drives, RAM, PCIe risers, watch dog and other accessories a novice or advanced miner may need.

The associate service center provides customer support during the entire warranty period for the equipment. Though, you can always count on our helping hand when it expires. We supply only certified equipment. Our staff has been replenished with engineers and specialists from CryptoFarm with many years of expertise in repairing and maintaining mining equipment.

Through our department of engineering and design you can order a wiring or ventilation installation for mining centers, including supervision installation. You can also order a complete full-cycle project for air or immersion cooling.

Feel free to contact us if you are willing to:

  • purchase any mining equipment, components and consumables, a ready-made solution from scratch or stand-alone installations based on immersion cooling for your existing equipment;

  • carry out diagnostics and get full warranty support or post-warranty maintenance of existing equipment;

  • get consultation on the creation of mining centers (hotels) based on air and immersion cooling;

  • implement an individual project depending on the requirements of the mining center;

  • to ship your order anywhere in the world;

  • buy it cheaper than from competitors.

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