Electric Car Manufacturer Zhiji to Release “Mine While Driving” App

Zhiji Auto, a company engaged in the production of electric cars, is developing an original application for driver-miners. The partner will be the Internet giant Alibaba.

Drivers will be able to receive cryptocurrency depending on the distance travelled in an electric car. The program will be released simultaneously with the launch of the IM electric cars and will be called IM Zhiji.

In order to join the mining pool, drivers will be asked to input information about their mileage. As a reward, they will be credited with a Stone digital asset. Initial issuance is planned at 500 coins 144 times a day (72,000 per day). To preserve liquidity the issue will be halved every four years.

The asset will be something like a corporate cryptocurrency. It may be exchangeable for new versions of software or other company products. When the electric car will overcome 5 000 km, the owner will be able to buy a new generation of intelligent driving system Lidar Fusion, or to increase the battery capacity up to 120 kVp*h after three years of exploitation.

The next "Tesla killer" is to enter the market in 2022. The travel range is promised to be 1,000 kilometers.

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