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If it is not possible to flash the miner through the proprietary utility, you need to install the service firmware on the miner using the SD card method, then use the WhatsMinerTool utility again.

Download the appropriate firmware for your device to your computer.

The download of the bin-file of the firmware will begin, you do not need to unpack it.

  • In the main window of the WhatsMinerTool utility press the button [ Upgrade ] .
  • In the area that appears, click the [SelectFile] button and select the previously downloaded bin file and open .

  • ос In the main area of the window - mark the miner whose firmware needs to be updated (“tick” to the left of the IP address) .
  • Press the button [ Start Upgrade ] .

  • A confirmation of the operation will appear - click Ok. The firmware installation process will start.

Do not turn off the device during the firmware process, otherwise the miner may malfunction! The device may reboot during update!

  • At the same time, in the line with the selected miner in the Status column, the progress of the operation will be displayed: Transferring, Upgrading and then Success, which after a while will change to Running (normal operating mode).




In this case, we will use the PhoenixCard, utility, which is located in the same archive with the image for the SD card.

To choose the right archive with the image, you need to find out the version of the control board of your miner.

The version of the board can be seen in the utility WhatsMinerTool

  • Open the utility WhatsMinerTool, in the Version Info column you will see the version of your board.

Also, the version number is displayed in the web interface of the miner in the section

Status > Overview:

Next, you need to download the archive with the utility and the image corresponding to your control board:


  • Select the link according to the version of your board (in the example or , depending on the version)

  • Download and extract it to a convenient place for work.

Archive content:

  1. Folder with PhoenixCard utility to format and record image to SD card
  2. Image with firmware ② (file with extension .img)



  • Go to the PhoenixCard folder and open the application PhoenixCard.exe

  • You may see an “unverified source” warning window. In this window, click “details” and then click on the button that appears “run in any case”.
  • A window will open with an interface and buttons without labels.
  • Insert an SD card. It will be displayed in the main window of the program.

  • Click the top left button , in the dialog box, select the img image file , click [Open] .

Save the data from the memory card, as they will be deleted!

  • Make sure that file managers are not using the memory card at the moment (close Explorer, Total Commander, etc.), otherwise the recording may end with an error.
  • Make sure the switch is in the left end position. is in the left end position.
  • Press the button

The process of formatting and transferring the image to the memory card will begin.

If successful, the line with the SD card will turn green.

If the recording fails, the line with the memory card will turn red. In this case, make sure that the memory card is healthy and is not currently being used by other applications.

When you try to view the contents of the memory card with a file manager, the memory card will appear empty. However, the data for the miner firmware is present on the card and is located in the unallocated area of the partition table, before the main partition, which you can see in the system