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To overclock the miner, you need to install the firmware BiXBiT. You can read the description of the firmware process in the corresponding section of the manual.

Let’s move on to the overclocking settings:

  • Open the web interface of your device in the browser, which is located at the IP address of the miner (example: and enter the login / password installed on the device (by default - admin / admin)
  • Select the section in the menu Configuration > Miner Configuration 
  • Click on the tab Overclock



  • Liquid Cooling
    Set this option if you are using immersion cooling. In this case, the control board will not test the presence and speed of the fans. Otherwise, the miner will not start its operation.
  • Current Profile
    Preset overclocking presets for this miner:


  • Advanced Options
    Opens access to fine overclocking settings.

To adjust settings:

  • Make the necessary changes on this page.
  • Click the Save & Apply button at the bottom of the page.



  • Target Frequency
    The desired average frequency of chips on the boards, which the miner will strive for during the auto-tuning process.
  • Target Voltage
    The desired voltage applied to the boards, which the miner strives for during the auto-tuning process.
  • Minimum Voltage
    The minimum voltage that the miner will apply to the boards during auto-tuning.
  • Maximum Voltage
    The maximum voltage that the miner will apply to the boards during auto-tuning.
  • Target Board Temp
    It is not recommended to change. The temperature of the board that the miner is guided by during auto-tuning and operation. If it is impossible to keep the temperature to the specified value, the miner will allow a deviation to the maximum possible (85), after which it will reduce the frequency of the chips and, accordingly, the hashrate.
  • Chip Ok Percent
    It is not recommended to change.
  • PSU Power Limit
    The power consumption in watts that the miner will strive for. May exceed the specified value during operation, but not more than PSU Power Max. Recommended value - 100-200 watts less than PSU Power Max, but not more than 3800-3900 watts.
  • PSU Power Max
    Maximum allowable power consumption. If this value is exceeded, the Miner will generate an error. The recommended value is no more than the declared power of the miner's power supply. As a rule it is 3900-4000 W.
  • PSU Power Rate
    It is not recommended to change.

In the columns on the right, you can see a hint for the selected preset in the form

Default - the default value
Min - the minimum possibleЁ
Max - the maximum possible value in the field.

During overclocking, you need to monitor the temperature of the chips (not to be confused with the temperature of the boards, which is displayed in the web interface in the column Temperature)

This temperature can be seen in the ChipTemp column of the utility WhatsMinerTool:

In the utility settings, you must first set the List Column Display Mode parameter to “Complete Mode”, otherwise the ChipTemp column will not be displayed.


Deciphering the value of the line “93.81_70.75_83.58”: maximum (93.81), minimum (“70.75”) and average (83.58) temperature of miner chips.

The permissible operating temperature limit for chips by the manufacturer is individual for different models of the miner (see Appendix 2)., when it is exceeded, the miner reduces the frequency of the chips. Despite the fact that the temperature is considered acceptable, it is not recommended to operate the miner under such conditions in order to avoid malfunctions.


During auto-tuning, which lasts from about 15 minutes to two hours (depending on the conditions and parameters), the miner takes into account the parameters set in the section Overclocking.

At the same time, for the miner, the priority overclocking parameters are listed in order of importance: PSU Power Limit, Target Voltage, Target Voltage. Chip temperatures are also an important factor for autotuning.

In other words, according to the available power and temperatures, the miner sets the appropriate voltage and, in turn, the appropriate frequency for this voltage. It is possible that the miner sets a different frequency at the same voltage.

However, in the case when the available power of the power supply unit (PSU Power Limit) exceeds (or, conversely, does not cover) the needs for the voltage and frequency set by the user, the miner can significantly deviate from the specified voltages and frequencies, both up and down. If the discrepancy is too large, errors may occur during the autotuning process (for example, “Slot0 Lost Balance”).

At the same time, the miner during operation can exceed the PSU Power Limit itself, but as a rule, by no more than ~ 50-100 W.


  • Set PSU Power Max to the maximum power limit of the block, no more than 3900-4000W
  • Set the PSU Power Limit to “safe” power available for long-term operation, but not more than 3800-3900W. It is highly recommended not to exceed the factory limit.
  • The difference between PSU Power Max and PSU Power Limit must be at least 200W.
  • Set approximate Target Frequency and Target Voltage. You need to focus on stock values.
  • Set Minimum Voltage and Maximum Voltage within -50 and +50 of the desired Target Voltage.

In the process of auto-tuning, the miner will select the optimal mode of operation.

You can also set the same required, minimum and maximum voltage (for example, 1430 / 1430 / 1430). In this case, the Miner will not pick up the voltage and the auto-tuning time will be reduced. However, it is recommended to “give freedom” to the miner.

During overclocking, you can use reference formulas:

  • Target Frequency = F_Target_Normal * ( Percent + 100) / 100
  • PSU Power Limit = P_Limit_Normal * ( Percent + 100) / 100
  • Target Voltage = V_Target_Normal  * ( Percent / 5.0 + 100) / 100

F_Target_Normal , P_Limit_Normal , V_Target_Normal: basic (initial or “stock”) values of the desired frequency, power and voltage. 

Percent: overclock percentage.


Base (stock) values of this miner:

F_Target_Normal = 853

P_Limit_Normal = 3600

V_Target_Normal = 1380 


  • Target Frequency = 853 * ( 4,3 + 100) / 100 ~= 890
  • PSU Power Limit = 3600 * ( 4,3+ 100) / 100 ~= 3755
  • Target Voltage = 1380  * ( 4,3 / 5.0 + 100) / 100 ~= 1392
  • Minimum Voltage = 1392 - 100 ~= 1300
  • Maximum Voltage = 1392 + 100 ~= 1500
  • PSU Power Max = 3755 + 100 ~= 3850